crosspost from another site- horrific!

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default crosspost from another site- horrific!

Post by engladian on Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:32 pm

Cassidy and Kali


First abuse case is Cassidy. A beautiful Chocolate Colour girl - age unknown.

She has been repeatably sexually abused by her teen aged owner. Also at some point has had either a break or fracture to her back leg, which was left and never treated. She needs a MRI scan to determine what if anything can be done to save the leg, if nothing it will have to be amputated .

Kali now known as Ella

Second abuse case is a little girl called Kali, now named Ella....meaning 'protect the innocent" the vet thinks she is about 8 months old she weighs about 31 pounds so she is a little peanut!! She had been living with a crackhead that had left her to live in her own urine and faeces. The pads of her paws are torn and sore from the urine burning them, left in a cage 24/7 never socialised with no love, food or water The b****** that owned her even had the nerve to threaten one of the volunteers trying to get her back, probably after money for her

Anything you can afford to donate no matter how small will help these 2 girls..

for these 2 girls who have suffered horrific abuse, we can help them to realise the life they have been forced to live is not the life they deserve.

you may have noticed the "chip in" box at the top of the page, just click on there to donate what ever you can. It will show a running total of how much we have raised altogether.

Edit by Mal: For those who cannot see the chipin link at the top of the page you can visit the donation page directly and chipin there:
Also, I wasn't able to view the updated donations in Internet Explorer but was in my Firefox browser.


see chip in box at the top of the page for donations for Cassidy and Kali
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default Re: crosspost from another site- horrific!

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:16 am

I saw this yesterday - worst thing I think I've ever heard. Donated $20 towards helping the poor mites.xx

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