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Lost dogs

Your dog must wear a tag by law when out in a public place. This will help ensure that your dog can be returned to you if lost.If
your local council finds your dog, they will often return it to you
without issuing a charge. However, this will only be possible if it is
tattooed, is wearing a tag or is micro-chipped.If your council
find a stray dog, and they cannot trace the owner, the dog will be
taken to a dogs home, who will keep the dog at your expense. If you do
not collect your dog within seven days, you may lose the right to
reclaim it, and efforts will be made to re-home it.

Dog registration

may wish to join a dog registration scheme whereby your dog will be
tattooed, tagged or micro-chipped with a number against which owner
details are recorded. This helps to trace lost or stray pets.The majority of vets now provide such a service.

Enquiring about a missing dog

council will keep records of dogs which have been found straying. You
should also contact the local animal shelters to see if your dog has
been handed in.

Pet care help

you experience problems looking after your dog, it is important that
you use the various animal support networks and charities available.For example, if you go into hospital you will need someone to look after your dog.The
most common option is to ask a family member, good neighbour or friend
to help. If not, for cats and dogs, you may need to contact a local
kennel or cattery. You should be able to find details of these in your
local telephone directory.You could ask your local veterinary surgeon or the local Dog Warden to suggest some options.The following organisation may be able to help:

  • The
    Cinnamon Trust - a charitable organisation (based in Cornwall) who have
    4,500 registered volunteers across the UK. They may be able to help you
    find pet care if you have to go into hospital

You can also contact the Blue Cross or the RSPCA if you are experiencing problems paying veterinary fees.If
you feel you can no longer look after your dog, you must contact a
local animal shelter or the RSPCA who will make every effort to find a
new home for your dog or pet.For more information and advice on the welfare and care dogs and cats you can also contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

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